Work Wears: How to Style


Work uniforms are coded. Every office is different. Let’s take a look on how to style with clothes that are safe to wear for work and for fun too.

1.High Waisted, Wide Leg Trousers. They look professional and stylish. It is great for the office. It can stretch on your waist. It means they are comfortable. It is good for those who sit at a desk all day. The stripes match with classic style of your personality. It looks cool yet classic. It is modern look and it is never going out of style. It is usually paired with a plain black top. To add more style, just throw a blazer onto it. Just to keep the look tailored looking nice. Blazers with leather piping on the collar and on the pockets will really look good. It is smart to invest in a good fitting blazer.

2.Tweed Dress. Black and white tweed dress with leather pockets and some stud embellishments with some tweed fringe on the bottom. It looks cute. It looks good on anyone who would love to look like a fit model. It is very comfortable. It is not ‘flowy’ but it is not tight. It just goes straight down. This does not need a blazer over it. A body suit would look good with it. It is a mock neck sheer sleeve bodysuit. It gives a little fun when sleeves stick out. It got a nice little detailing on the wrist portion. Layering bodysuits are a good style in the office. Underneath tank tops are good too. It gives you cool dimension of a different kind of sleeve. You can pair this with over the knee boots or a simple ankle bootie. Read more great facts on embroidered clothing, click here.

3.Trouser Joggers. It has thick material. It fits for every day wear and tear. The beams are tailored towards the bottom. To make it a little bit skinny. A white button-down or black blouse over it would be good. Black heel and a bag and you are good to go. The trouser joggers are everything. This one is versatile. You can’t go wrong.

4.Midi Pleated Skirts. A classic metallic silver midi pleated skirt will go very well with anything. You can either do the over the knee boots, ankle boots, or heels. It looks expensive than it is. The ribbed mock neck long sleeve shirt tucked into the skirt will make you look very professional yet casual. The skirt is your statement piece.

These list will surely make you go to work excited yet cool.


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